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Call for quotes : chemical products

In the frame of the project Rh(e)in-Solar, we research a supplier which can provide this complete list of chemical products.

Please send your offer at

Products November December Total
Acetone BP 20 L 200L 400L 600L
Acetonitrile ChromasolV = 99,9% gradient grade 25L 25L 50L
Chloroforme rectapur 50L 50L 100L
Cyclohexane Lab reagent 99,8% 300L 220L 520L
Dichloromethane Lab reagent 99.9% 100L 200L 300L
Ether de petrole 40-60° Lab reagent 50L 50L 100L
Ethyle acetate 200L 200L 400L
Heptane technical melange d’isomères 50L 50L 100L
Methanol Lab reagent 99.6% 400L 400L 800L
Pentane Lab reagent 100L 100L 200L
Propanol-2 laboratory reagent 99.5% 50L 50L
Toluene 99.3% + lab reagent 50L 50L 100L
Tetrahydrofuran 99.9% puriss.p.a. stabilized 25L 25L
Gel de silicie SI 60 – 0,040-0,63MM SC 5Kg 5Kg
Lecithin extra pure SLR EGG 90% 25g 25g
Calcium Hydride 90-95% 1000g 1000g
DESS-Martin periodinane 5g 5g


Call for tender : Caterer

The project Rhin-Solar organizes an international summer school on organic photovoltaics from 1st to 3rd September 2014. We research a caterer which could propose cocktails and coffee breaks for this event.

  • Place: ISIS, allée Gaspard Monge, 67037 Strasbourg
  • Number of participants: about 75
  • Dates: from 1st to 3rd september
  • Number of cocktails: 3 (one for each day)
  • Coffee breaks: each day on the morning and on the afternoon except the afternoon of the last day (total : 5 coffee breaks)

Please send your offer to :



  • Dates : from 1st to 3rd September
  • Number of participants:  about 120
  • Cocktails : 4
  • Coffee breaks : 4 (morning), 3 (afternoon)

Call for tender : Meeting room in Basel


In the frame of the organization of the second Research and Industry Forum on organic photovoltaics on Wednesday 20th November 2013 from 9am to 5pm, we are looking for a meeting room for about 100 persons with possibility to eat on place.

For more information or tender, please contact us thanks to the form:


Aluminium Oxide

Product: Aluminium Oxide 60 F254, neutral aluminium sheets 20 x 20 cm, 0.2mm

Quantity : 100

Please send your offer at


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