An independent group ever since its creation over a century ago (1908), SOPREMA has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading waterproofing companies, but also as a roofing, underlay and insulation specialist.
With a workforce of about 4,200 people and a turnover of some 1,7 billions Euros in 2010, SOPREMA has a worldwide industrial and commercial presence, with 15 factories, 18 subsidiaries, 40 distributors, a presence in 90 countries, 5 R&D centres with a strong focus on Sustainable Development and 4 training centres
SOPREMA’s R&D policy, with its strong focus on Sustainable Development, has concentrated on limiting its environmental impact by the use of renewable resources in its production and in its factories, and on innovation focused on safety and health.
The SOPREMA group entered the photovoltaic market in 2005 and created its 100% own specialised subsidiary, SOLARDIS, at the beginning of 2008. SOLARDIS already has, in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, in the French West Indies, Guyana, etc.:
– over 17 MWp of PV waterproffing solution installed on flatroof
– over 700,000 m² of roof covered with Soprema Solution

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