The INTERREG project Rh(e)in-Solar focuses on the development of an emergent photovoltaic technology implementing organic molecules to convert light into electricity. The so-called “Organic Solar Cell technology” is an outcome of recent multidisciplinary research activities, performed worldwide, on the development of photoactive molecular and polymer semiconductors, and their utilization as active material in opto-electronic and photovoltaic devices. About fifty researchers, engineers, students and technicians, working in thirteen public research institutions, clusters and private companies, all located in the Upper Rhine region, participate to the RH(E)IN-SOLAR project and join their efforts to boost the development of efficient organic solar modules. By bringing together a broad field of scientific skills and technical means in a geographically confined region, the project partners endeavor to speed-up the resolution of major bottlenecks that currently limit the development of organic photovoltaics and to establish favorable conditions for innovation and technological transfers in the Upper Rhine region.


  • 4-09-2017 

    PROOF – Photovoltaic Panels for Roofing Elements of Commercial and Industrial Buildings

    Following on from the successful project Rh(e)in-Solar, the story continues with PROOF. This new project aims to develop large area photovoltaic panels with high power conversion efficiency, that are to be integrated into roofing products. […]

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  • 19-01-2015 

    Press release

    Lichtblicke in der Solarforschung Das Projekt Rh(e)in-Solar stellt Fortschritte in der organischen Photovoltaik vor Zum Anfang des „internationalen Jahres des Lichts und der lichtbasierten Technologien“ der Organisation der […]

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  • 5-01-2015 

    Lettre d'information

    RH(E)IN-SOLAR closing event: Final report and outlook – January 19th, 2015

    Module OPV_KIT_small

    The partners of the INTERREG project RH(E)IN-SOLAR are pleased to invite you to the event RH(E)IN- SOLAR: A cross-border research network along the value chain of organic photovoltaics in the Upper-Rhine valley >> Final report […]

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  • 15-10-2014 

    Lettre d'information

    Third Rh(e)in-Solar Research & Industry Forum on November 19th, 2014

    3rd Research & Industry Forum

    Organic Photovoltaics: from material design to device optimisation - 19th of November, 2014 in Karlsruhe The third Research & Industry Forum on Organic Photovoltaics of the Rh(e)in-Solar project will take place on November 19th 2014 […]

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